Monday, April 19, 2010


I love to make bread and the smell of homemade bread right out the oven makes my toes wiggle with delight. But I'll admit it, as much as love making bread, I tend to make the same type over and over.  White, whole wheat, dinner rolls and occasional French bread is what I seem to make a lot of.  So I was happy to tackle a new bread, brioche.

All I can say is why oh why does it take me so long to make new things?  This bread is light and buttery with a tiny hint of sweetness.  It does take some time to make, but like all good things, it is worth the wait.

I had to go out and buy these cute little brioche pans.  Any excuse to go shopping right?

Before I made the dough, I got my bowl sprayed and ready.

I threw together eggs, flour, sugar, yeast and eggs and mixed them up in the Kitchen Aid.

Then came my favorite part of the recipe.

Nothing says fun than beating butter with a rolling pin.  I think I need to get out of the kitchen more because I had way too much doing this.  Which probably means I haven't had enough fun lately.   Hint hint hubby-we need to have a date night ASAP!

After I took out all my frustration on the poor innocent sweet butter, I broke it up and slowly added it to the dough.  It was kind of a rough day for the butter.

After it had been kneaded, the dough got all nice and stretchy-you know it's at this stage when you can pull it and it doesn't break but gets thin.

It proofed for an hour on the counter top and then I refrigerated it overnight as it was getting late.

To make individual rolls, I divided it into two balls,

poked a hole in one

and turned the other into a doughnut shape

and put it into the brioche pan.

Here's what they look like baked.


I may have to work on my roll making technique.  I think I made the balls too big.  All right, all right, get your mind out of the gutter.  When I say balls I mean the dough balls the ones that -oh forget it. 

Seriously, I think my messed up rolls are mocking me.

Oh yeah?  You know what happens when a roll mocks me?

Yeah that's right-I will gobble you up!  Take that you little punk.

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