Meet dizzy and her sidekick Toby

 Meet Dizzy.
 My amazing cat that likes to spin!

Not long ago, my husband, three kids and our dog Toby, adopted a cat named Dizzy. They called her Dizzy because she is blind in one eye. To see where she is going, she spins in a circle after she has taken a couple of steps. Because of this, she takes longer to get to places and tends to bump into things as she moves about the house. She has been known to run into open cabinet doors and step in her food or water dish. When she gets excited or hungry she will spin around and around in a circle next to me. It really does make me dizzy watching her.
I named the blog after her name because like her I have felt that I have spent most of my life going around in circles as well as bumping into many obstacles to get from here to there. And yes, I too have been known to spin around in circles when I get hungry or excited.

This is Toby.  He's our Miniature Schnauzer.  He doesn't spin.  He just likes to bark and steal Dizzy's food.