Monday, July 19, 2010

Frosted Banana Cookies

If you ever wished banana nut bread could be turned into a cookie,hen your wish is about to come true.

Tired of making banana nut bread every time I had very ripe bananas, I decided to search for something new and found Frosted Banana Cookies by Krumkake.

Really I'm not lying. These cookies taste just like banana nut bread. They are soft and moist with the perfect amount of banana flavor. I loved the brown sugar frosting. Like I said before, frosting makes everything extra yummy!

Since I'm sending you to the recipe page, I won't reprint the recipe, but just tell you what I did differently.

1. I never premash (is that a real word?) bananas. I throw them in the Kitchen aid and let it do the mashing.

2. I don't sift my flour, but I do sift the baking soda since it tends to clump.

3. I didn't use the banana flavor. I just added the teaspoon of vanilla. I'm not a big fan of a strong banana flavor.

4. These cookies are yummy without the frosting if you prefer them that way like my kids do.

5. I'm digging Krumkake. If that's your picture, then your one cool chick and thanks for sharing your recipe!
P.S You're cool even if that's not you in the picture!

Frosted Banana Cookies

by Krumkaes


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  2. these look fantastic! i have some overripe bananas and i've been looking for a new recipe to try!

    thanks for sharing this recipe!

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  4. indonesian people will say " enak enak" :D