Friday, April 23, 2010


Last week I went to an antique fair with my mom and brought home some goodies.

I've started to add some silver pieces to the house because I have suddenly decided I like it.  I thought I would put the pieces in my bedroom, but I like them in the family room.

I bought this table for $25.00!   Sweet deal!

Rocks from my backyard my youngest and I collected.  A strange combo, but I like it.

Dizzy wondering why the heck I'm taking pictures of the furniture.

I don't know Dizzy.  It's one of the many crazy things I do during the day.

I bought this chalkboard made out of an old door and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.

Then I got the great idea of having my 17 year old write out our name and the year I married. I love the way she writes.  You do not want to see what my handwriting looks like. Oh no, It would give you nightmares.

I wasn't sure where I would hang it.  I thought I might hang it in the stairwell and put family photos around it, but I think it looks great over my bed. Now I just need to get hubby to hang it up.

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